Saturday, August 6, 2016

Developing New Partnerships in West Africa: LESSAT

On the 24th of June 2016 some InsightSTEM Campus Ambassadors along with the InsightSTEM West Africa Coordinator, West Africa Family, Community and KinderSTEM Director, and other InsightSTEM Local Impact Committee: Liberia Officials attended a networking dinner organized by our new partner Liberian Encouraging Student in Science and Technology (LESSAT).

The dinner was themed "Interactive Fundraising Dinner with Professionals". The funds raised will be used for projects LESSAT will undertake, in particular encouraging more Liberian women to pursue STEM careers.

During the dinner the InsightSTEM West Africa Coordinator, Mr. Simmie N. Nyanfor Jr., presented different STEM TED Talks to inspire young students to take up a career in STEM and also encourage those brave ones to stay in STEM fields. Also during the dinner we had our InsightSTEM Local Impact Committee: Liberia Chairman Mr. Chalaty A. Young tell the students sweet stories about InsightSTEM and all the good work that is coming up, he also extended an invitation for them to become Campus Ambassadors and join the LIC to make STEM exploration great in Liberia with their different ideas.

The dinner ended successfully with interactions among students and professionals. Many thanks to the organizers and our partner LESSAT for the planning.

You can support InsightSTEM's ongoing activities in West Africa at

-- Jatherlyn Manlay. Tellewoyan 
InsightSTEM LIC Liberia Logistics Officer

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