Friday, November 27, 2015

Our Campus Ambassadors Program Update

Campus Ambassadors: Background Information

Our Campus Ambassadors program exists to support the professional development of the next generation on STEM professionals -- current STEM undergraduate and graduate students -- and to provide them with multiple opportunities for career advancement, and to have local and lifelong impacts on STEM learning.
  • The program is for any undergraduate or graduate students in STEM fields, or in other fields who wish to engage in STEM education and outreach
  • Our focus is on developing professional and career skills alongside education and outreach skills: for now, and the future
  • Support is given through online webinar series, in person programs, and learning expeditions through the year
  • Opportunities to participate in a range of InsightSTEM projects and programs to have direct local impacts, and develop the skills and attitudes to have lifelong impacts on STEM education

Campus Ambassador: Current Status

Our Campus Ambassador program is rapidly expanding with almost 70 students enrolled in 5 countries worldwide, which is on track to expand to over 200 Campus Ambassadors by the end of 2016. See the graphics below for a quick overview of who our Campus Ambassadors are.


You can view the full live version of the Campus Ambassador map HERE.

Why support Campus Ambassadors?

Building a strong future generation of STEM professionals, who are also adept in sharing STEM knowledge with others, is essential for the advancement of increasingly technological global societies and economies. And this requires individual action on all of our parts. In a global economy we must support all those individuals that can make great contributions -- no matter what their backgrounds -- and not rely on self sufficiency of students to get themselves 'ahead of the game'.

Aging and bulging global populations mean that national and local support becomes directed away from Research and Development (see left) and into Healthcare, Energy and Commerce. This means less funds exist for Broader Impacts to enrich programs for our next generation of STEM professionals, and to enable them to have impacts on STEM education -- despite those aspects being essential for the future... spending becomes more directed to immediate rather than future needs. 

Current students have less certain futures as they graduate, so it is essential to provide strong transferable and professional skills to ensure career success beyond graduation. While employment rates remain high, at the time of graduation a far smaller fraction of students have secured employment or continuing study than was the case in the past (see left).

We also need the next generation to be able to support both Informal and Social learning beyond traditional classrooms as those education venues become increasingly important in an increasingly complex world.

Our Campus Ambassadors program is designed to support individuals both in their own career success, and the impacts they can have -- no matter what their background.  

How to get involved or give support...

There are many ways in which you can support the Campus Ambassadors program in a variety of different ways depending on your skills, knowledge, and means to offer support!
  • NOMINATE potential new Campus Ambassadors for us to invite to join the program. Link for nominations is
  • FIND APPLICANTS interested in joining the Campus Ambassadors program and have them join the program. The link to apply is
  • MENTOR Campus Ambassadors as a member of our Young STEM Professionals program. You can register as a Young STEM Professional at
  • SUPPORT the Campus Ambassador program with funding. Currently it costs us about $125/year for each Campus Ambassador to offer them our planned programs and services. Contribute via our Flash Campaign at
Please email with any questions that you may have about the program!

Thank you for your Interest and Support!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

One Day Left to Order: Celebrate 100 years of General Relativity

It is 100 years since Einstein finished coming up with his field equations for general relativity.... and they have stood the test of time. We came up with a unique T-shirt to celebrate this event, and there is just one day left to order the shirt! Any of the profits from the sale go to support InsightSTEM projects and programs! Your T-shirt should arrive in time for November 25th which is the 100th anniversary of the publication of Einstein's paper on this!

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